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Tim Gales

  1. Pop. 205
  2. Can't Go Home
  3. Reverie
  4. Live at the Troubadour & More


  1. Baby Jane Sessions
  2. House Blend


  1. Glass Guitar




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Jane Bolduc


Baby Jane Sessions

Jane Bolduc plugs in with her second Clearwater project titled, simply, "...Baby Jane Sessions" This 5 song EP has brought life to some of her latest wonderfully written material.









Title: Baby Jane Sessions

Label: Clearwater Records



  1. Lost And Found
  2. Never Too Far
  3. ShadowBoxing
  4. Shooting Star
  5. How Do I Get There From Here










CD: $7.99

Cassette: $4.99

Lost & Found.mp3

Never Too Far.mp3


credited musicians

  • Jaysen Hawks
  • Tim Gales
  • Jamie Dunlap
  • Robin Rader
  • Norm Sancho
  • Tony Mazza
  • Heidi Allyce

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Jane Bolduc's debut CLEARWATER RECORDS release "HOUSE BLEND -- A Collection of LA Coffeehouse Performances" is filled with great acoustical performances of originals as well as some of Jane's favorite covers, (which are not available at Jane has performed at such event's and clubs as WESTERN BEAT, the world famous TROUBADOUR, the PALOMINO and numerous other venues around Los Angeles. she's even performed at Carnegie Hall!




Title: House Blend

Label: Clearwater Records



  1. I Want To Hear It Now
  2. Emotional Kamikaze
  3. Millworker, Duffymoon
  4. Now We're Even
  5. I Saw A Stranger With Your Hair
  6. How Did You Find Me Here
  7. 'Crossfire
  8. Missionary
  9. I Get Along Without You Very Well
  10. Another Departure, Another Arrival
  11. How Do I Get There From Here





CD: $14.99

Cassette: $9.99


Emotional Kamikaze.mp3

Now We're Even.mp3



credited musicians

  • Jaysen Hawks
  • Norm Sancho
  • Tony Mazza
  • Will Hollis


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Jamie Dunlap

Glass Guitar

Jamie Dunlap's debut CLEARWATER RECORDS release "Glass Guitar" is a collection of smoothly produced works. Jamie Dunlap is a pop rock singer-songwriter with a gracious grit vocal layered with slick guitar work.




Title: Glass Guitar

Label: Clearwater Records



  1. Rose Colored Glasses
  2. Lady in White
  3. This Town
  4. When The Dream Is Over
  5. Tribal Tendencies
  6. The River
  7. Everyday Heroes
  8. The Chosen One
  9. Glass Guitar
  10. Don't Cry



CD: $14.99

credited musicians

  • Jamie Dunlap
  • Jane Bolduc
  • Robert Kyle
  • Neil Conti




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